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7 Best Video Editing Tips for Beginners

Ilhamsadli.com,- Raw footage does not always look good. Editing effort can bring perfection to it. A particular video will look different while edited by two different editors. Transitions, cut types, and effects- everything makes the video unique. Some novice videographers think that editing is the task of professionals. But, due to the availability of editing tools, this task has become easier. You can make your video content highly compelling and attractive. Check out some video editing tips and tricks for beginners.
Best Video Editing Tips for Beginners

Maintain the proper pacing-

While working on video editing projects, you have to focus on the timing of your cuts. Think of the way how an audio click progresses to the end following a rhythm. There are different musical sections, and likewise, video editors have to set the speed or timing of cuts. Too fast videos prevent the audience from absorbing information. Conversely, too slow videos make the audience bored. You can switch between diverse camera angles and cover different sections of conversations to make the videos dynamic. These are highly important tips for your web videos.

Learn relevant video editing terms-

It is one of the important instructions for beginners. As you need to engage yourself in the video editing business, you have to interact with other editors and clients. That is why you must understand the lingo and get basic concepts. Read the list of some of those terms

  • J Cut – The split edit technique where the audio part of the subsequent scene precedes the video.
  • L Cut – It is contrary to the J Cut, as the video clips precede the audio.
  • Jump Cuts- You can cut out the parts to eliminate the boring sections and retain visual interest.
  • Cut on Action – To add fluidity to the scene, you can cut while the subject continuously moves.
  • Montage – It is a series of clips to show the passage of time. You can use this technique to reveal the development of a character and transformation.
  • Match Cut– You can cut together two shots that have visual similarities.
  • Cutaways – You may need to add pieces of transitions, which do not comprise the main action and subject.

There are several other terms related to video editing. The more you learn, the more you can edit videos professionally.

Choose the right program-

Based on the type of your video editing projects, you can start searching for the tools. Video editor like InVideo, are available in both free and premium versions. However, when you need to edit YouTube videos, promotional ads, and music videos, you can look for a premium program.

But, to keep the video simple, you may use free tools. These tools are best for editing slideshows and personal videos.

Take some time to identify the right video editing tool for your purpose. An online editor may have lots of features, and all of them are not useful for you. Those powerful features can distract you. Thus, you have to review the video editor before investing in it.

Correct the color of every clip-

One of the major visual elements of your video content is color. You can edit the color to highlight some subjects. Colors also have the potential to evoke emotions and develop the desired mood. Nowadays, video editing tools allow you to edit colors.

Video Editing Tips

In most cases, you can find two options- Color grading and color correction. The first option makes your film look different. The second option helps in maintaining consistency of color in every footage. Both are important to present realistic scenes. You may also use monochrome and sepia to make one scene different from others.

Edit the story shown in the video-

You may have a creative goal for developing the video. You like to tell an interesting story. That’s why you need to think of something better than the basics. You have to cut away unnecessary footage and adjust the order of clips. Make your videos dramatic and more aesthetically pleasing.

You must apply your technical and practical knowledge to set the right emotions. You can make some on-the-spot edits with proper effects and screen transitions. Make the best use of editing elements to refine the story. It is one of the ways to present a compelling story with videos.

Never overuse effects-

A video editing program, equipped with several features and options, may tempt you to use all of them. But, the presence of lots of effects in your video will result in a risk.

The use of several effects can cause distractions to viewers. To avoid any detrimental results, you have to edit the videos thoughtfully.

In the case of transitions, they must not be overly flashy. Make sure that there is a smooth movement from one clip to another. The overuse of transition effects distracts the viewers’ focus. Keep up minimalism as a video editing professional.

Do not edit video and think captions at a time-

Video editors use the script as the roadmap. It enables them to organize their ideas logically. Furthermore, it prevents them from missing important and relevant details. That is why you must compose a script properly before editing the footage.

However, beginners make the biggest mistakes of editing the video and writing the script at a time. It will be a time-consuming process. You have a chance of losing attention, and you may not be able to deliver the message.


These are some tips on bringing perfection to your videos. Although you have no technical skills, you can edit videos with little effort. The confusing and disorganized scenes will deliver no value to the audience. For this reason, you must edit the video before presenting it to the audience. Proper editing will make the video more attractive. Due to the availability of tools, you do not need to hire professionals. By learning tips and tricks, you can edit different parts of your videos. Grab the attention of the target audience by publishing flawlessly edited videos.
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